Galapagos Shark Diving is a dive tour operator focused on offering Conservation Dive Trips and to support the health of the oceans. We are looking for someone who is interested in joining our team long-term and to inspire together more divers and ocean lovers how to get involved in conservation and support of sharks in particular. Our webpage is

Some of your task would be:
1) Social Media Account Manager (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google Business) – to create content, answer questions and find more ocean lovers & shark ambassadors that follow and support our mission. Also be active in FB groups with our posts and to bring in your own ideas how to grow.
2) Set up new newsletter (onboarding), create newsletters and ideas in mailchimp and every month.
3) SEO – update our webpage with a program we use for SEO and start ranking keywords.
4) Long-term we would like you also to run our customer service (answer questions about the trips) and be the contact person when the owner and the shark scientists are all on board a ship with no internet.

Your REQUIRED skills:
– you have experience in managing social media accounts, knowledge how to grow and schedule posts, are able to create content and you do love to be Online.
– you are a diver yourself
– you have already knowledge about sharks and other marine wildlife – or you have a keen interest in learning all the details as the internet provides many information. It is important for us that the content published on our accounts is scientifically correct.
– you speak English and German, and should have basic Spanish
– you are already involved / have been involved in marine conservation programs (please let us know which ones)
– it is easy for you to create good content for dive videos and marine wildlife
– you also have experience how to edit a video before posting (experience with adobe premiere, final cut or imovie)


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